How to Apply for a Sales Tax Permit in Florida

Florida is a great business spot for all. According to Business News Daily, the state boasts 2.5 million small enterprises. Undoubtedly, the state draws entrepreneurs from all parts of the globe. To start a retail business in Florida, you must apply for a sales tax permit. This is also referred to as a seller’s permit or sales tax certificate. The document will allow you to sell and collect tax from selling taxable products or services in Florida.

Who qualifies for a tax permit in Florida?

Before launching any business in Florida, find out whether your business will be subject to taxes. If yes, you should apply for a sales tax. Some of the taxable business activities include;

  • Sale of tangible products in a retail shop
  • Repairs of personal properties
  • Rental leases of personal or commercial property
  • Private membership clubs
  • Manufacturing goods for retail sale
  • Importing goods for retail sale

How to register

Are you wondering how to order a Florida seller’s permit? Here’s how;

You can register for your sales tax permit online or via e-Mail. Online application is free, but e-Mail application charges a small fee. An online application is preferable and is faster. With an online application, you also get a confirmation upon submission, which will come in handy if your application delays.

The application process involves filling lengthy forms that involve various steps, depending on the type of business. The required information during application includes;

  • The business name& Owner information
  • Physical address
  • Contact information
  • Bank routing number& account details
  • Description of business activities& start date
  • Partners and trustees

Once you fill in all the necessary details, you’ll get your certificate after three business days for online applications. However, you won’t be required to renew your sales permit later on.

What happens after applying for a sales tax permit in Florida?

 Once you have an active sales tax permit, you can start filing sales tax returns. You’ll receive a certificate of registration via e-mail in 7-10 days. You can now use the registration and the partner number to log into your account and get started.

What other permits& Licenses do I need to operate a business in Florida?

You require different permits to operate a business in Florida. The type and cost of the license vary depending on the type of business. The location and nature of services also rendered matters. For intake, if running an investment adviser or a broker business, you require a professional license. Lack of this may lead to the closure of your business.

Each municipality in the state may have unique requirements, but the common permits in the state are;

  • Alarm permit
  • Building permit
  • Health permit
  • Signage permit
  • Business license
  • Occupational permit
  • Zoning permit

Final thoughts

Just like in other states, you required different permits to operate a business in Florida. Before opening up your new business, find out about the state requirements, and obtain all the necessary certifications. Otherwise, your business may risk closure by the state government, which can cost you a lot.