What Does Keter Do Different? CEO Alejandro Pena Underscores New Texture, Innovations, and Sustainability Efforts at Keter Group

The house and garden market has long been filled with subpar products in quality or longevity. Products that end up in a landfill will harm the consumer in the long run, leading them to waste money while doing demonstrable environmental damage.

Alejandro Pena has been the CEO of Keter Group since 2017, when he was brought on to help usher a westward expansion into larger markets. Pena’s goal has been to improve his business operations while pushing for more conservation along the way, leading to landfill reduction and a reduction in pollution.

Let’s take a closer look at how Pena and Keter Group are transforming markets by paying more attention to their impacts on the environment.

How Keter Makes a Difference

A glance at Keter’s product catalog would unveil various affordable home and storage solutions. Established in the 1940s in Israel, Keter would soon find that their market was embracing sustainable solutions thanks to the high-quality outcome of their products.

Keter Group embraces recyclable resin materials at the core of everything it does. Keter’s focus on recyclable resin has helped reduce exposure to landfills while giving consumers more sustainable products in the long run.

A glance at the Adirondack Chair by Keter showcases exactly what the company s hoping to accomplish. Featuring LumberTech materials designed from weatherproof resin, Keter’s Adirondack Chair is a lesson in longevity while emulating the upscale luxury of nicer products.

Keter calls these low-maintenance chairs ‘faux bois’ as they protect against warping, denting, splintering, and fading. These benefits are in addition to the natural resistance to UV rays implemented by Keter’s SunGuard technology.

75 Years of Progress

Alejandro Pena has been vocal about the company’s hope of changing the industry.

Pena said during an interview, “Our vision is that through the power of our innovation, the power of our brands, and by leveraging our global footprint, and the vast resources that we have, we will become a leading company in our space and global consumer products with well-known brands.”

Keter has been focused on reducing its footprint by leveraging the supply line in certain ways. For example, Keter places manufacturing facilities in regions where their products are most likely to be sold. Additionally, Keter has helped offset more than 210,000 tons of C02e emissions through recycled resin instead of crafting with virgin materials.

Alejandro Pena and Keter celebrated its 75th Anniversary by offering a site-wide sale at keter.com. Keter hopes that going forward, they will continue to lead the charge in outdoor furniture and storage organization solutions.