Car Insurance Designed for Learner Drivers: Learner Insurance

Before buying a car, you learn to drive a car yourself. There are numerous driving schools spread across the country that train people to follow driving safety rules and how to drive.

After completing the entire course, you take a driving test, and on passing that test, you are issued with a driver’s licence. If you are one of the people learning how to drive, you know very well how the system works.

A very rare piece of information is that even learner drivers are eligible to get insurance. Owning a third-party liability or comprehensive car insurance is an integral part of owning a car.

The law and road safety are of high regard and importance for car insurance policies. That is why even learner drivers are advised and motivated to purchase a policy.

 What is Learner Driver’s Car Insurance?

A learner driver’s car insurance is not an exclusively different type of policy catering just to the interests of learning drivers. It is a common policy, third-party or comprehensive, that is beneficial to learners, too, if customised in a certain way.

Hence, we can say that learner car insurance is financial protection for a vehicle that is being driven by a learning driver.

 Importance of Learner Car Insurance

  • Lack of Driving Experience

Since learning drivers are inexperienced, they are always at risk of getting into trouble. The lack of experience makes it even more important for one to have learner driver insurance. The busy roads in Indian cities and undisciplined traffic (most of the time) can be a real problem for the vehicle of a learner driver.

  • Financial Safety

The provision of car insurance for learner drivers is a kind of financial safety for any potential danger that might befall the car. Just like any other 4-wheeler car insurance, financial assistance is a big plus here.

However, since the risk is higher with a learning driver, the policy becomes a priority. Any kind of property loss, damage to the car, liability against third-party, etc., is protected according to the terms mentioned in the policy.

  • More Risk

As mentioned above, the car in question is at more risk when being driven by a learning driver, and hence, it requires insurance that the damage will be protected.

 4 Tips for Learner Drivers

  •  Avoid Minor Claims

With provisions like No-Claim Bonus, it is better if the policyholder does not claim minor damages. You receive a monetary reward if you do not raise a claim for the entire policy tenure, and it is a substantial amount.

It also gives you discounts on policy renewals. Hence, it is important advice that one should not make minor claims if they are manageable with the policyholder’s own cash.

  •  Understand Policies

You should completely understand the policy plan because it provides various types of benefits and needs a certain level of attention. For example, knowing your covers and add-ons can benefit you in many ways.

At the same time, understanding the importance of timely renewal will offer different benefits. There should be awareness regarding the policy you own.

  •  Know Your IDV

Understanding your policy also includes knowing your IDV, but mentioning this point separately is important. The insured declared value is the amount of money you will receive on raising a claim in case of total loss or complete damage.

This amount should ideally be equal to or close to the market value of your car. It also determines the cost of your car insurance policy. Since it is the maximum amount you receive from your policy, you must understand and know your IDV.

  •  Choose Renowned Providers

When you buy a four-wheeler policy, choosing a good and well-known insurance provider makes a huge difference. Good and renowned companies usually have a great claim settlement ratio.

Companies like Tata AIG have a claim settlement ratio as high as 99%. If you have to raise a claim in an unfortunate event, you can entrust the responsibility in good hands.


Car insurance is an important part of every car owner’s life in India since it is mandatory. But to understand its significance in a new driver’s or a learning driver’s life, you have to understand all the benefits it provides to that section.

With such a high level of risk of damage, it is always wise to have your car insured rather than suffer any financial loss going ahead.