Is Your Amazon Selling Account Gets Suspend? Learn What You Can Do

Getting your amazon seller account suspended can make you worried. Amazon is one of the biggest online selling platforms, and for retailers, there are many opportunities to explore on Amazon.  However, getting your amazon account suspended is trouble for the seller, as it ruins your dream of becoming a profitable Amazon seller.

Is There Something You Can Do?

Here is our advice, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “what you can do about it”. Every good businessperson’s best quality is to keep calm under pressure and find a solution to the problem. So, let’s understand the situation first by going through various reasons that can get your Amazon account suspended. Later, we will move on to how you should make an amazon appeal for reinstating your account.

The Reason Behind Getting Amazon Suspension

There could be various reasons behind your suspension. Here are a few of the reason that is quite common, which can get your account suspended.

  • Poor Performance
  • Policy Violation
  • Listing A Restricted Product

How Can You Get Your Account Back?

Amazon appeal can help you reinstate your account, and here is how you can make a good appeal.

·        Stay Calm

We know you could be worried. However, you have to approach the situation calmly and create all the bullet points and structure of the appeal you are going to present in front of appeal reviewers.

·        Do Not Rush In Making The First Appeal

The appeal must be thoughtful and worthy enough for reinstating your account. You need to take your time, as the battle is going to be long; it could take days, weeks or even months to get your account reinstated. Therefore, you should work on your appeal thoroughly and keep patience.

How Can You Make An Amazing Appeal?

First, review the suspension notice, and find the areas of improvement. After reviewing the suspension, you can move on to constructing your appeal.

·        Introduction

Work on your introduction paragraph. The introduction needs to be brief and to the point. You can even acknowledge the fact you got your Amazon account suspended in the introduction. Include the bonus points, such as your dedication towards customer service.

·        Facts

Include the facts to make your argument strong. Write about how you solve the problems that got your account suspended from the platform. Make sure to include bullet points to make your fact stand out, impactful, and readable.

·        Requested Paperwork

If amazon asks for specific paperwork for reviewing your suspension, provide them true/original form.

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