What is Personal Accident Cover in Two-wheeler Insurance?

When you buy a bike for yourself, you will need to buy a valid two wheeler insurance policy to safeguard the bike. While it is a legal compulsion for bike owners to get their vehicle insured, getting bike insurance for your two-wheeler is an excellent way to protect it from damage.

While purchasing a plan, you must understand what affects the bike insurance price and check your plan’s coverage. An easy way to find a suitable plan is by researching the various offerings from different insurance providers online. You can check bike insurance online, compare the plans available and choose one that suits your needs as a lot of insurers allow you to pay for vehicle insurance online. However, no matter what plan you choose, you will have to include the plan’s Personal Accident cover.

Personal Accident Cover in insurance for two-wheelers:

A Personal Accident Cover will offer you (the owner-driver) or your beneficiaries a monetary compensation in the event of an injury or death caused by an accident while driving the insured vehicle. The Personal Accident Cover is a mandatory cover that you must own to ride on the Indian roads legally. You can opt for the Personal Accident Cover with a comprehensive bike insurance policy or a third party bike insurance policy. It would entirely depend on you, which one you wish to choose. No matter which one you choose, the cover will offer you complete protection.

You can also include the Personal Accident Cover for pillion riders with the help of an add-on. You will need to opt for this add-on at an additional cost. Suppose the add-on is included in your policy, then the coverage for accidental death and disablement is extended to the pillion rider, which increases the coverage of your bike insurance plan.

Benefits of the Personal Accident Cover in your insurance policy:

  1. Covers accidental death:

If the policyholder passes away from an unfortunate incident or accident, their beneficiaries get the 100% of the sum assured. An unforeseen loss of a family member can be quite tragic for the family. Getting insurance coverage from the policy can provide the family with financial stability during stressful times.

  1. Cash allowance for hospitalization expense:

If the policyholder has undergone severe injuries from an accident and has to be hospitalized, they will get cash allowance to meet all of their expenses. Generally, you can avail the cash allowance for 50 days from the day of hospitalization.

  1. Compensation for partial or complete disability:

If the policyholder is rendered partially or fully disabled because of an incident, this cover will provide them with insurance coverage with the Personal Accident cover. If the household’s sole earning member is disabled because of an accident, it may be quite stressful for the family, as such a tragic event would hamper their financial stability.

The Personal Accident cover provides financial support to the beneficiaries during these difficult times. If the policyholder is only temporarily disabled, then this coverage would provide the compensation amount, depending on the severity of the injury.

What the Personal Accident does not cover:

  1. Injury or death that has occurred because of drug or alcohol intoxication.
  2. Injury or death due to an unlawful act performed by the policyholder.
  3. Injury or death due to intentional self-harm or suicide.
  4. If the accident happened outside the boundaries of the country.
  5. If the driver of the two-wheeler has a mental disorder.

How to claim under this cover?

The driver can file the claim for a Personal Accident cover of the respective bike/two-wheeler. To get benefits from this cover during an accident, where the policyholder has been injured, these are steps that you must follow:

  1. Contact the insurance company about the incident and loss.
  2. Get an FIR (First Information Report) about the incident. The FIR will be one of the most important documents required when processing the claim. You can also bring in witnesses who can assure the insurer about the occurrence of the incident.
  3. Finish the formalities with the insurance company which includes filling out the claim form and providing photographs of the car accident.
  4. Once you have all this information, submit all the documents and wait for insurers to check the details.

Hence, with the purchase of your bike, you must purchase a two wheeler insurance policy for your bike as well. Before buying the policy, you must check the bike insurance coverage and check if it is adequate. A critical addition to your policy is the mandatory Personal Accident Cover. When you buy an insurance plan, including this cover in your plan is a legal compulsion. It will provide your beneficiaries with the sum assured in the event you pass away because of an accident. This addition to your plan will also provide compensation for partial or complete disability. To claim under this cover, you must follow the steps listed above.