Choosing a Residential VOIP Provider

When it comes to residential VOIP providers, there are many to choose from. All VOIP providers offer similar VOIP service, but some are better suited to your needs than others. These tips can help you select the best VOIP provider for your needs.

Know the Features You Need

It’s important to know the features that are important to you. Call forwarding, a backup number, conference calling, integration with a virtual assistant, and mobile app calling are features a few features that you can find with a VOIP provider. Once you know which features you want in your VOIP service, you can find a provider that offers the features you need.

Look at Security

Data theft is big business. Just like other types of internet data, VOIP communications can be hacked if they aren’t encrypted. The data packets can be intercepted, and your data can be compromised. Cell phones can be easily hacked as well. Hackers in Germany obtained the username and passwords of bank customers and hacked their accounts just last year.

The advantage of VOIP is that it can be encrypted. Choosing a residential VOIP provider that provides secure encryption can help you keep your data secure. Certain phone providers use the same encryption used by governments to secure their communications.

Read Reviews

Before you make a decision on a home phone provider, take the time to read some customer reviews.  97% of consumers read customer reviews. Who better to highlight the experience of using a provider than someone who is currently using the service?

In addition to reading individual reviews, see how popular the provider is. A wide customer base shows that the company is trusted and has a good reputation with customers. The BBB is another great source of information. An A+ rating with the BBB shows a commitment to quality and customer service.

Consider Voice Quality

Few things are more frustrating than an unclear phone call. Generally, VOIP offers higher voice clarity than traditional landlines. However, this depends on your internet connection and the VOIP provider you choose. Prioritizing voice calls can provide the bandwidth required to keep your calls coming through clear, even when you are using your internet for other things as well.

Service Plans

Residential VOIP service providers offer different service plans to meet different needs. It’s important to understand your provider’s plans and which one is right for you before you make a purchase. It can be helpful to compare prices, but keep in mind that quality and security should be the top deciding factors.