Workplace Investigation Timeline

Many workplaces around the nation are seeing a great deal of misconduct. A recent Forbes survey of U.S. office workers found 75% of respondents had witnessed or experienced some form of workplace misconduct during their working lives. The same report found U.S. businesses saw more than a $20 billion loss due to misconduct in 2021. HR professionals, as well as those in management positions, need to be prepared to handle such transgressions — and, ideally, prevent them. Although every investigation will be unique in its details and circumstances, there are proper protocols to be taken regarding an investigation and its timeliness. Following such guiding principles can help safeguard positive workplace relations and manage organizational risk. What does that investigation process look like though? All of the steps of the process to handle employee misconduct have been detailed in the infographic accompanying this post. To learn more about the ways in which HR professionals around the nation are handling these transgressions, please read on to the infographic.

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