Why Do Personal Injury Cases Take Time to Resolve in Philadelphia?

You might ponder how long does a personal injury law case last. After pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, will you receive compensation immediately? It never works that way. Cases might be resolved in weeks or months; sometimes they even stretch for years. 

Some people never file personal injury cases because they are skeptical about the time it will take. 

So how long does a personal injury case take to resolve? Answering this question requires us to consider various facets. 

Generally, if you are backed up by a proficient lawyer, half your time is saved. Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys have extensive experience and have recovered millions of dollars for their clients. 

Additionally; if you are ready to compromise on the compensation cost you receive, then the case resolution will be speedy. 

Three major reasons for delayed resolution-

1] Legal uncertainty 

Controversy over who was responsible can cause legal problems. Disagreement between defendant and plaintiff regarding monetary compensation can slow down the case greatly. 

Unless the defendant is strongly proved to be at fault, the defendant is not likely to offer a reasonable settlement. If insurance companies are involved, they might not believe you have the right to sue them.

Surrounding causes also affect the time period required. If the medical practitioners treating the plaintiff are unsure the injury is caused by the defendant then the case will be delayed. The doctor must be willing to testify on Plaintiff’s behalf and the medical reports should coincide with the claim. 

2] Large compensation involved

When the damages and cost involved with your case are extravagant, the insurance companies investigate to make sure they are responsible and you are not exaggerating. In such circumstances, the case is continually pushed forward.

3] Maximum medical improvement

Maximum medical improvement is the greatest that you will recover from your injuries. There’s a stability point after which your injury can’t be further treated. Only after reaching this point can you actually determine the costs involved. While treatment is in process, you can’t ascertain the future costs.

When in a state of urgency, the easiest way is settling for a lower amount and getting done with it. Even when doing that, make sure you consult your lawyer. There can be several other reasons for case delay, the only way to have quick settlement is having an exceptional lawyer or compromising on your deserved compensation amount. 

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