What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

Online marketing can be tricky to get right, and one of the hardest things about it has to be the fact that there are so many different terms that you have to understand. While many of the words may seem alien at first, the more you get to know them (and then, in turn, use them), the better it can be for your accountancy business.

Two of the most common phrases that you may hear regarding digital marketing for accountants are SEO and PPC. They may seem the same from the outside, but there are some main differences to keep in mind.

What is the difference?

The main difference to keep in mind in regard to SEO and PPC is that one is organic and the other is paid. Whilst both will use keywords to bring in traffic to your website, the way that these keywords work are very different.

Pay Per Click is an ad-based service paid for by marketers. There is no set fee for this. Instead, every time the ad is clicked on, a payment is made.

The amount paid per ad will depend on the keyword used, the more competitive the keyword is, the higher the bid. If you want to use PPC, you must set a budget so that you only ever spend what you can afford.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an organic form of marketing. You use it to improve your organic search rankings. In its most basic form, you need to know how to use keywords and how they can then push you up the Google search rankings.

What are the benefits of each?

PPC is a targeted form of marketing your business online. Ads will have specific keywords that will then come up when users type in those terms. PPC is incredibly successful and can form a crucial part of your marketing strategy. That said, you are, in essence, buying your way to more traffic, which can be incredibly hard if you are on a budget.

Compared to PPC, SEO is about naturally growing your business on search engines, you don’t need to pay out for it to see it succeed. The traffic that comes into your website is not brought; it is earnt, making it ideal for those who have limited money to spend. The results that you see will also last longer than PPC, which will make it much more worthwhile doing.

That said, to get SEO to work properly for you and your firm, you will need to put effort into making it work and know what the best techniques for you to implement are.

It really is down to you which you think is better for you. Sometimes just one will be fine, whereas other times, you may want to try both of them to see if combined they can achieve the best results for your brand and your success in the future.

Looking for expert help in SEO for your firm? Speak to a marketing specialist to find out how SEO services for accountants can help you get ahead of the competition.