Vital Elements To Consider When Selecting A CMMS Vendor

Choosing a CMMS vendor is not an easy task. That’s because there are many companies claiming to sell software that have all of the features and benefits in the world. Unfortunately, if they don’t match up with your business needs or if they are too expensive for what you need them for, then it doesn’t really matter how good their system is.

There are many factors to consider before selecting a CMMS software vendor. This article will walk you through some of them to help you make the right decision.

  1. Off-The Shelf Products vs. Custom Software

Custom software is developed for specific company needs and goals, while off-the-shelf products are built to work well in a variety of settings. They are also easier to find because they’re sold by more retailers than custom software.

A good vendor should have both products and recommend to you the best one based on  your needs. If you need to support off the shelf products, the company should recommend a  product that does this.

  1. Vendor’s Support Team

A company’s support team is very important for any type of computer system. The CMMS vendor should have a knowledgeable and friendly staff to provide assistance with issues that arise during the use of the software.

Support teams should also be available 24/hours per day, 365 days per year as well as via email or phone if necessary no matter what time of day it may be. If you  experience difficulty using the software, you need to access help within hours from the time of your purchase, not days.

Additionally, the team is only useful if they can quickly answer your questions and address your problems with easy to follow instructions. They should offer you support documents to provide you a quick way to find solutions to some common issues so that you don’t have to contact them every time issues arise. That way, they’ll save you both time, money and frustration over looking up answers on Google or elsewhere online.

  1. Company’s Experience

You want to be sure of the company’s experience with software, and their ability to provide a great product. It is important that you choose a company who will have your best interest at heart, not just when it comes time for renewal or upgrades but all year long.

Avoid companies who do not allow customization- this can lead to other problems in the future as updates are made by them without consulting you first. Instead opt for companies who’ll give your free support if anything goes wrong within one year of purchase.

Most experienced companies have stayed in the industry for a long time and know a lot of things about CMMS. Because of that, they’re more likely to sell you software that will serve your needs. Also, their software is likely to be of good quality. Always check the reputation of a vendor before investing in their software.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of CMMS vendors on the market today. However, not all offer the same services or access to their products. That makes it easy to get confused when selecting one for your facility. These tips can help you select a vendor who’ll sell you a software that will serve your business needs.