Preparing for an Online Career Orientation

Job aspirants across the globe can harness a vast array of possibilities through virtual career fairs. The internet has made digital orientation for school easy and simple even for those residing in the remotest areas of the plant. Virtual career fairs provide great opportunities with valuable information about lucrative job offers by potential employers.

What is a virtual career fair?

It is a networking event where job seekers from around the world connect with companies and employers online. The whole event takes place virtually without the need to attend in person. Millions of job seekers, students, and fresh graduates are realizing the advantages of virtual career fairs and obtaining their dream job roles.

Are online career fairs considered beneficial?

Virtual career fairs are significantly useful, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic situation when large gatherings are dangerous. Even before the pandemic situation popped in, several companies and employers conducted virtual orientation for job seekers. It is considered advantageous for both employers and job seekers as it doesn’t limit to certain geographical boundaries. The participants belong to a wider geographical range and can easily connect virtually with companies.

Job seekers and companies identify the beneficial link that virtual career fairs offer. University and college students don’t have to miss out on the action of career fairs too as they don’t have to attend physically. Everything is available at the convenience of home with a few clicks and they can land up with work sooner than expected. Virtual career fairs give myriad possibilities for everyone out there looking for jobs.

Becoming a participant in the virtual career fair is simple, fast, and free. All that is required to be done is fill in the profile showcasing the skills and academic qualifications. Furthermore, the applicant needs to choose the area of the job role. The job seeker can also customize the search filter by choosing the kind of interviewer he/she desires to work with.

It won’t be wrong to mention that virtual career fairs offer a vast array of opportunities.

Preparing for a virtual career fair

This section mentions the brief of preparing a virtual orientation.

Keeping handshake profile up-to-date

This is the foremost step that needs to be considered while attending a virtual career fair. The handshake profile must be complete and updated as it provides personalized recommendations for every upcoming virtual career event. Furthermore, employers and companies also use the profiles to filter students and invite them to their sessions. The following aspects need to be kept under check.

  • It is important to ensure the basic information like the school year, graduation date, GPA, etc., are correct.
  • Adding the skills, courses completed and any previous work experience is important.
  • Selecting the job roles, and preferred locations are important to be included so that the recruiters are aware of the job roles and internships best for the applicant.

Finding the employers attending the fair

To find out the list of employers attending the virtual fair, the virtual fair details page can be helpful. One can find the list of employers hosting the sessions. Furthermore, the participants can also get detailed information about the employers from their handshake page and also read reviews from other participants. The job seekers are recommended to sign-up early for virtual orientation sessions with the employers they like to win an assured spot.

Researching the employers

Once a participant signs up to attend an employer’s virtual orientation, the research should go beyond their handshake profiles. Checking out the company website, and browsing recent news articles and associated information is considered smart. The detailed research will allow the participant to be knowledgeable enough to ask questions during the virtual career sessions. Furthermore, one can also get the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with employers.

Preparing points of discussions

The employers hosting the online career fairs want to learn more about the job seekers. Henceforth, it is vital to be prepared with an elevator pitch about oneself, including the background, qualifications, and career goals. Practicing with a family member, or a friend can be helpful when the time comes to introduce to a recruiter.

On the day of the online career fair

On the day of the online career fair, the participant should execute the following guidelines.

Professional dressing

Despite not meeting the employers and recruiters physically, one cannot ditch the etiquette of dressing professionally. Dressing properly gives a good first impression to the employers and recruiters. Moreover, dressing correctly gives self-esteem and a confidence boost to the participant as well.

A neutral background and a quiet spot

When a quiet spot and a neutral background are chosen, it limits potential distractions for the job seekers and the recruiters to a great level on the day of virtual orientation. Planning ahead for the sitting arrangement makes things work smoother. The recruiter’s eyes must be focused on the participant.

During the online sessions

During the virtual career session, the job applicant is expected to execute the following:

Entering the session on the given time slot

 The participant must enter the virtual career session at the given time. When he/she enters on time, it creates a positive impression on the recruiter as a dependable potential employee.

Good eye contact and active listening

Maintaining good eye contact and occasional smiling and nodding of the head is expected from the job seekers participating at virtual job fairs. Distractions must be limited so that the participant doesn’t get tempted to look away from the computer screen.

Asking relevant questions

The participant should prepare a list of questions for the session he/she is attending prior to the start of the session. This helps with seamless communication with the recruiter. Furthermore, having a pen and paper can also help the person jot down any new question that might come to his/her mind during the conversation.


A virtual orientation can help a job seeker the opportunity to find the job of his/her dreams. Such online fairs open up myriad possibilities and an array of options. The best part is that one doesn’t have to attend them physically. Everything is possible from the comfort of home, and they are free as well.

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