Making the choice to settle in the French Alps

Many Americans and Brits make the decision to relocate to the continent with France being a popular choice. All ages emigrate although it is a popular place to set up home after retirement.

Although the exact number of expats is unknown, the most popular areas for both nationalities (as identified by the online English language French newspaper and France’s National Statistics Agency INSEE and are revealed as Ile-de-France, Brittany, Poitou-Charentes, Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées.

One of the most underrated areas not included in that short list is the Alps. There are some wonderful advantages when you buy an apartment in Megève, France.

 Reasons to Live in the French Alps

Breathtaking Landscapes: The French Alps are stunningly beautiful in all seasons. Snowy in winter and incredibly green in summer, the views of imposing peaks and mirror-like lakes are unbroken.

The Natural Environment: If you want a natural environment, the Alps are a huge green space. Live in harmony with nature.

Minimal Urbanization: There are very few large towns except for the major ski resorts. Most settlements are charming small villages where the architecture respects nature and the terrain.

Refined Gastronomy: The French Alps are home to one of the great regional cuisines of France. The most is made of the fresh produce and there are some excellent local cheeses and artisanal products.

Leisure Opportunities: Whether you prefer gentle or extreme sports, the Alps are a wonderful playground all year round. From snow sports in the winter to water and land sports in summer, there is something for everyone of any age.

 How To Buy a Property in the French Alps

There are no restrictions on foreigners buying a home in The Alps. You can buy where you like and obtain a property of any size for any purpose. The property market in the French Alps is very buoyant. [1] It has been robust for a long time and the future is just as bright.

While it is fun to go out house hunting, the most important thing is to engage with a real estate agency.

An Alps-based agency will have knowledge of the local market and not only have properties for you to view but they will help you navigate the entire house-buying process.

The house-buying process in France is unique and a real estate agency will have staff that are expert in the intricacies of the transaction but will also work with partners in legal and financial services for the full end-to-end process. This will include everything from surveys, mortgages and deeds/contracts.

If you are taken with the notion of a permanent home to the French Alps, now is a good time to make the move.