Major SEO Mistakes That Could Get You In Trouble

The SEO techniques help in optimizing your website rankings. But it is also important to use the white hat SEO techniques for the expansion of your business. You must stay ethical while practicing these techniques. In case you are found guilty of using black hat techniques for promoting your rankings, you will be jeopardized for that and it is possible that you would be required to pay a great amount of penalty.

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Inappropriate SEO techniques that you should avoid

  • Writing for just search engines

It is important to understand here that the results which a search engine provides are based on human behavior. The kind of searches entered by the users affects the search engine’s algorithm a lot. Therefore, if you are just writing or creating your content for bot audience then the results can be disappointing.

Your and search engine’s goal should be the same – to write and show results for the human audience respectively. It is a must to address users’ search queries and look at what are their requirements.

  • Keyword Stuffing

You may often think that the more you stuff keywords, the more are the chances of success. This is not true in the current scenario. If you are stuffing too many target keywords, it becomes a part of Google’s Over Optimization Penalty.

This refers to a condition where the system identifies that the content has just been created for improving rankings and doesn’t aim to provide the content that can prove out to be beneficial for the audience.

  • Purchasing links

Buying links is risky and comes under the black hat SEO techniques. Purchasing a link would help in placing your links on a reputable and active website but it violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

While this act of yours has a great potential for reward but possess a great risk at the same time. Google will find about it now or then and you will be penalized to a great extent for this act of yours.

  • Plagiarized content

The most important thing about increasing your rankings is that you provide plagiarism free content to your target audience. Revisiting your older blogs and making changes to them helps a lot in increasing the organic traffic.

You may try to copy the content from a different website to drive more traffic but continuing this practice for long can make you suffer. Google will certainly identify this as unethical and a lazy practice which will ultimately get you in a lot of trouble.


It is important to follow the legal SEO techniques because with the advancement in technology, Google has also become smarter and identifies black hat tactics easily. Try to maintain a prideful attitude and have the patience to witness the results gradually.